Playa Charquitos (Puddle beach), San Andres, Colombia

Playa Charquitos, also known as Puddle Beach, is located in the southeast of the island. It is a white sandy beach that extends even farther depending on the tide. Because of the security that it offers to swim and wade due to its shallowness, small waves and warm water, it is ideal for children and their parents, as well as for the elderly. It is a deserted beach, where only nature and the refreshing sea surround you.

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Latitude: 12.489041 Longitude: -81.723418 Elevation: 4 ft

Recreational Opportunities Available

Just relax in the white sands after bathing in its calm and transparent waters.

Seasons Accessible

The beach can be enjoyed most of the year.  Occasionally strong winds from the East, increase the height of the waves, which together with high tides, diminishes slightly the beach area.

Fees (if any)


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