Nautilus Semi-Submarine Coral Reef Explorer, San Andres, Colombia

The Little Reef barrier reef is a protected area to which we have access, and we take every caution to generate the least impact as possible. We board the modern boat Nautilus, commanded by a captain who embodies the spirit of the famous Captain Nemo, equipped with large windows through which we can appreciate the natural wonder of one of the most spectacular ecosystems. Today, it is home to a number of species: corals, sponges, anemones, fish, and recently, turtles whose population has increased as a result of conservation efforts.

Over the mile long journey, your guide will inform you about all forms of life and their coexistence that comes together for one of the most complete balances in nature. It will be easy to see sting rays and the different varieties of coral, fish, anemones, and hopefully sharks, barracudas, and turtles.

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Latitude: 12.586163 Longitude: -81.691189

Recreational Opportunities Available

The Nautilus adventure allows us to be an active part of this exploration. You will have the chance to ask our guide about the different species that will surprise us with their beauty along the way. Once we arrive at the formation known as “The Pyramid”, we will be able to jump in and literally swim with the fish. This experience will be etched in our memory as a new world that we have discovered and we will remember the fragility of these fabulous ecosystems and the importance of contributing for their care.

During the course of the trip we always carry the message of respect and admiration of a world brought to our attention by the famous explorer Jules Verne, whom we honor by having named our boat Nautilus.

Seasons Accessible

We are fortunate enough to work in conditions that allow us to explore this natural world every day of the year. Some days, the tour is suspended due to bad weather or strong tides, but realistically these conditions rarely occur and when they do, only a few times a year.

Fees (if any)

Being equipped with some of the most modern equipment, the Nautilus offers exceptionally cheap rates to make it accessible to all who wish to take the trip. 

The price is $45,000 pesos for adults and $35,000 for children between 4 and 7. Children under 4 do not pay. 

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

We especially emphasize the importance of protecting this wonderful ecosystem to our passengers, and because of this action, our tour illustrates the different ways these species interact to achieve this incredible ecological balance, highlighting the negative human interventions that can ruin it. Our island native crew carries this message with them during the tour and they strongly encourage our passengers to preserve the rich environment, by not littering, not purchasing items (souvenirs) made from the sea such as coral or any other sea creature that lives in this ecosystem.

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