Morgan's Head, Providencia and Santa Catalina, Colombia

This natural geological formation was named by the locals. It’s a great mystery that is worth seeing in all of its splendor. Although it is only possible to see the total majesty of this piece of nature by boat, the back of his neck, which you can see from land, still shows an amalgam of colors, sounds, tastes, and textures that that you can only discover and experience under the spell of the pirates and privateers who once used this island.

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Latitude: 13.385808 Longitude: -81.380496 Elevation: 53 ft

Recreational Opportunities Available

Pirate Morgan’s Trail: The trail is located on the west side of Santa Catalina, on the waterfront, between the small beach traditionally known as Fort Bay and ends at Morgan’s Head. The total length of the trail is 609 meters, and is divided into seven stations, starting at Fort Bay and ending at Morgan’s Head. Each station has interpretation signage that refers to a historical, cultural or environmental feature of the trail, depending on where you are on the trail.

Seasons Accessible

Open every day all year.

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