Julys Tourist Services, Providencia and Santa Catalina, Colombia

We are a group of friends (Winston, Jennett, George, Francisco and Rodolfo) who take care and the time to advise visitors about the different ecotourism activitiest that can be carried out on the island. According to the needs and likes of our visitors, we program recreational activities ranging from reconnaisance tours of the island to snorkeling adventures, fishing, kayaking, hiking and horseback riding, among others.

We are not intermediaries, since we ourselves accompany our clients to the daily activities that are scheduled and we have our own transportation and equipment for the activities we offer. Our service is very personal and professional and we make every effort to fulfill the needs of our customers, generating trust and confidence in each of the activities that we carry out. Our tours are private so the scheduling depends on our clients convenience and activity.

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Latitude: 13.347025 Longitude: -81.393183 Elevation: 24 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
winston arenas

Recreational Opportunities Available

SNORKEL TOUR: Visit some of the most extraordinary coral formations of the island with the opportunity to see beautiful and healthy corals, large schools of fish, various species of sting rays, turtles, squids, barracudas and even sharks. This tour provides all that is necessary to carry out the activity and is accompanied by a team of two guides, one who remains in the water with the clients and the other in the boat following them for any need they may have. If you have never done this activity before, don't worry, our guides will patiently teach you the use of the equipment and safety measures to ensure an unforgettable experience. If you have not carried out a reconnaissance tour around the island, request that this activity be combined with our snorkeling tour.

ISLAND BOAT TOUR: Our company has two boats for this activity, one of them with a capacity for 20 passengers and the other for 8 passengers. Accompanied by two specialized guides, you will visit some of the most important places of interest like Morgan´s Head, Lovers Bridge, Santa Catalina Island, Crab Cay, Manzanillo beach and South West Bay, where you will enjoy one of the local typical cuisine delights of the island. If you are an avid snorkeler it is important to tell us so that you can visit the sites of  "White Shoal" or "Margarita's Garden".

VISIT TO THE OLD PROVIDENCE MCBEAN LAGOON NATIONAL NATURAL PARK BY KAYAK: This park of approximately 1,000 hectares of extension, of which 900 are marine-based, has several areas that you will be able to choose and visit any site on a 4 hour tour by kayak. You will be able to visit Crab Cay, the island's main bathing area in the park, the Three Brother's Cay for birdwatching, and the lagoons and coastal wildlife in the mangrove area of the park. You can go snorkeling in the "White Shoal " or go hiking at "Iron Wood Hill". 

HORSEBACK RIDE: For 2 hours, get to know the beautiful Providencia from another perspective. A journey through mountains and some beach riding in the company of our friend Rodolfo, a charismatic and veteran guide of the island.

ECOLOGICAL WALK TO THE PEAK: "the peak" is the highest hill of Providencia, at a height of 360 m above sea level. Trek for about 2 hours through the tropical dry forest to reach the summit of this majestic Caribbean hill of volcanic origin, from where you can overlook much of the island's landscape and view the "sea of seven colors", as well as the great reef barrier that protects the island.

FISHING TOUR: a three hour tour where a portion of the activity is carried out by "trolling", whereby you drop the fishing line as the boat speeds away or you can learn how to fish the way the native Raizales fish on a daily basis.

CITY TOUR: travel overland for 2 hours where you get to know some of the main tourist sights and beaches and the sister island of Santa Catalina.

NIGHT TOUR: On the night tour we visit the Love Bridge to witness the sting rays that are attracted by the lighting of the bridge. Then we visit a local bar where you can enjoy live traditional folk music.

In addition to these tours, we have several means of transportation that you can use during your stay on the island of Providencia. We have 10 cars (Kawasaki mule), 5 Yamaha motor scooters, 6 Bennoto bikes with 21 speed changes, 2 kayaks for 6 pax , 2 boats with capacity for 28 passengers and fishing and snorkeling gear.


Admission Fee (if any)

SNORKEL TOUR: From $150,000 including 2 guides + equipment (US$80 approx.).

AROUND THE ISLAND TOUR BOAT: From $35,000 (US$20 approx.).

KAYAK TOUR IN PARK Old Providence McBean Lagoon: From $100,000 and includes roundtrip transportation and a guide to the park (US$60 approx.).

HORSEBACK RIDE: From $50,000 per horse, with roundtrip transportation from your hotel and a guide (US$30 approx.).

ECOLOGICAL WALK TO THE PEAK: From $35,000, including transport (US$20 approx.).

FISHING TOUR: From $300,000 and includes a boat for 3 hours, 2 guides and fishing rods and equipment (US$200 approx.).

CITY TOUR: From $50,000 per person (US$30 approx.).

NIGHT TOUR: From $30,000 per person (US$20 approx.).

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

All our activities manage educational content where we teach our visitors the different life forms that exist in the different ecosystems that we visit. We provide information on various aspects of life on the organisms that inhabit the island, like their food, and evolution and the impact that man has on them. We also inform about conservation measures and codes of conduct that our customers can practice to conserve our local fauna and flora.

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