Island Safari Tour, San Andres, Colombia

This marvelous tour begins with a tour of the lush Botanical Garden, where the variety of plants, trees and, sometimes, local and migratory birds can be observed. The lookout tower allows for a unique and breathtaking 360 degree view of the Island. The second stop can be a local farm or a visit to the fresh-water Agua Dulce lagoon in the middle of the Island. The last stop is a visit to a special eco-cultural attraction. At the end of the tour we return you to your hotels.

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Latitude: 12.583851 Longitude: -81.702674 Elevation: 12 ft

Recreational Opportunities Available

  • Botanical Garden
  • Bird-watching
  • Look out tower
  • Agua Dulce lagoon
  • Local farm.

Hours Open

Our tours begin at 8:00 am and finish around 4:00 pm.

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

We offer extremely special eco-cultural attractions with an opportunity to learn about the habitat and the variety of nature on our island.

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