Food and Lodging

Food plays an important part in local tradition. The spicy and exotic flavours of Providencia is found throughout the Caribbean. Coconut milk and oil is widely used to prepare fish and seafood dishes. Rondon is the favourite - fish, conch, yam, cassava, plantain, and dumplings cooked in spicy coconut milk in a great cauldron over a wood fire, usually in someone´s backyard. Then there is our remarkable variety of pies, cakes, buns and stewed fruit. Fruits and tubers, abundant throughout the region, are essential for local cuisine. The local ´bushi´ (rum) is a must. It's very potent though – many people get 'bushed.'

For those who want direct contact with local culture and cuisine, your best bet would be to stay at a  Native Guest-House. There are also small comfortable and efficiently-run hotels overlooking the Caribbean and one luxury five-star hotel for those who want to get away from it all, but still take some of it with them. For those who live here, however, nothing compares with a hammock, a cool drink, and a lovely sunset.  
-Anni Chapman, author
“Our cuisine is part of our identity. It’s a magic combination of flavours and colours with the exotic touch of the herbs and spices that grow on our island such as ginger, basil, and lemon grass. All of these enhance the aromas of the Caribbean, and are a delight to the palate."
-Franco Lung, chef
“Tourism on our island has grown during the last five years and Native Guest-Houses have become a more affordable alternative to our hotels. Visitors really enjoy direct contact with our daily lives and our culture, which is quite different from other parts of Colombia."
-Enilda Chamorro, Native Guest-House owner
“From time immemorial the Native Islander has always had a room available for visitors from the mainland or abroad, and the Native Guest Houses are an extension of that."
-Clotilde Henry, owner of Miss Cli´s Place

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