El Pirata Morgan Hotel, Providencia and Santa Catalina, Colombia

This is a family run hotel located in Agua Dulce that has 29 rooms equipped with air conditioning, mini fridge, satellite television and a terrace. In addition, there is a restaurant overlooking the sea that offers exquisite dishes, a pool, an auxiliary power plant, a hotel safe at the reception desk, a supermarket, and Wi-Fi service on the first floor. The hotel offers plans with or without food and its mission is to always provide tourists with everything they need during their stay on the island (land or sea tours, bike or golf cart rental), and it has a travel agency called Morgans Travel.

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Latitude: 13.346499 Longitude: -81.392879 Elevation: 30 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here

Specialities and Highlights

At the Pirate Morgan Hotel, you will find personalized attention, and all the tourist excursions that can be carried out on the island, such as boating, fishing, snorkeling, hiking, and horseback riding. All staff working at the hotel is able to provide the best care, and the guides provide the best company during the different tourist activities.

Hours Open

Front desk: 7am–9pm

Travel Agency: 8am–12pm, 2pm–6pm

Restaurant: 7am–9:30pm

Supermarket: 8am–12pm, 3pm–8pm

Seasons Open

All rates are the same year round.

Price Style for this Establishment

The hotel offers single and multiple accommodation, and prices are based on the type of accommodation and food option.

Single room:

Room only: $132,000.

Room and breakfast: $138,000.

Room, breakfast, and dinner: $150,000.

Double room:

Room only: $144,000.

Room and breakfast: $180,000.

Room, breakfast, and dinner: $220,000.

Triple room:

Room only: $210,000.

Room and breakfast: $246,000.

Room, breakfast, and dinner: $306,000.

All children under 12 are charged 75% of an adult rate and groups of 12 or more people receive a 10% discount. We also offer plans with all three meals.


Island tour by boat: $35,000 per person.

Fishing tour: $250,000 (max. 4 people).

Snorkeling tour: $200,000 (max. 4 people).

Ride to the Peak (highest mountain on the island): $30,000 per person.

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

El Pirata Morgan hotel is aware of how important it is to practice sustainable tourism, especially on an island endowed with natural resources and attractions. Because of this, visitors are not offered food that has been banned during certain times of the year (especially marine species). At all times, our staff and especially the tour guides, always remind visitors of the importance of not removing coral or other natural resources from the ocean. In addition, visitors are instructed not to leave garbage on the beach or other public places.

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