Ecotourism Guide, Providencia and Santa Catalina, Colombia

Enjoy the beauty and nature that can be found only in one place: the islands of Old Providence and Santa Catalina, where you can disconnect from the stress of the outside world and connect with nature, as well as learn and appreciate the UNESCO declared Seaflower Biosphere Reserve (in the year 2000), through ecotourism activities. You will have the opportunity to experience a grand journey, beginning with your unique and unforgettable arrival via airplane or Catamaran.

Our dry and tropical forest is one of the best preserved, with species native to our region, as well as our Marine Protected Area, noted for being the third most important barrier reef in the world and the first in the Caribbean.

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Latitude: 13.360771 Longitude: -81.355835 Elevation: 16 ft
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Karen Livingston Hooker

Recreational Opportunities Available

Ecological excursions to:

  • Morgan’s Head Trail
  • Manchineel Hill Trail
  • Crossing the Peak
  • Kayaking the McBean Park Lagoon 
  • Boat service (express)
  • Snorkeling
  • Lazy Spring Hill
  • Horseback riding to Diamond Hill
  • Providence style expedition and fishing at Reef Point

Don’t miss out on the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve!

Hours Open

The schedule is flexible, according to customer need.

Seasons Open

We operate throughout the year.

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

On each of our tours, we communicate the following Best Practices to our clients:

  • Non-consumption of threatened or endangered species
  • We raise awareness on the importance of water as a key resource on the island
  • We tell and show them how to properly dispose of their waste while on the island

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