Ecofiwi Ecologic Tourism, San Andres, Colombia

Ecofiwi its a small family owned company. We specialize in providing guided ecotours to the Old Point Regional Mangrove Park. We offer self guided and guided sea kayaking tours. We have “transparent” tempered molded sea kayaks that, as you paddle along, allow you to observe the colorful coral reefs, fish and features of the sea. We also offer snorkeling excursions and guided trekking trips to extensive and diverse mangrove ecosystems. We can arrange for sport fishing trips with local expert fisherman who know where to find the fish.

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Latitude: 12.561579 Longitude: -81.708936 Elevation: 20 ft
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Recreational Opportunities Available

Kayaking, Snorkeling, Trekking and Sport fishing with local fishermen.

Hours Open

9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Seasons Open

We are open all year round.

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

EcoFiwi is a company born out of love for nature and the environment and that is why from the beginning, we have been determined to protect, preserve and restore our mangroves, while offering an activity where you can enjoy and learn from these wonderful ecosystems.


  • Constant Vigilance. Every tour with visitors transforms itself in a patrol trip to maintain presence with the aim to avoid environmental crimes. When we witness environmental crimes, we make sure to notify the competent authorities.
  • Cleaning campaigns. With the support of the national army, government, environmental police, tourist police and educational institutions we have undertaken various cleanups in the mangroves. On each tour, visitors are encouraged to retrieve any object from the sea, especially plastic; this action in order to raise awareness. The plastics recovered from our cleanup campaigns and tours are sent to ECOBLOQUES, a company that grinds and converts these elements into blocks for building houses.


  • Snacks offered to visitors are prepared with local sea and island food purchased from local artisanal fishermen and farmers in the area. We sell only local island products. Our guide is a bilingual islander who, in turn, is an artisanal fisherman.


  • We provide a "briefing" to our visitors about the required behavior when visiting a protected area to minimize possible negative impacts. Visitors are taught what constitutes a mangrove swamp and their environmental importance. Technical and ancestral information is also provided. We make sure that our visitors do not step on seagrass, manipulate marine life and remove sea shells or other natural elements from these ecosystems.

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