Decameron hotels, Providencia and Santa Catalina, Colombia

The island of Providencia is a hidden treasure of the Caribbean, and one of the 391 best-preserved ecological zones on the planet, declared by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve. Immerse yourself in the magic of this amazing seascape with its incredible diversity of species and perfect conditions for scuba diving. The San Andres Islands and Providencia Island, near Santa Catalina, constitute a unique archipelago with a natural and cultural richness that offers visitors the most varied possibilities of entertainment and relaxation.

For those who want to relax and party in Providencia:

A wonderful and simple plan is just enjoy the sun while relaxing on the most spectacular white sand beaches and colorful water with a delicious drink, and as night falls, you can enjoy the best parties on most of the island’s beaches. If you prefer the indoors, you can enjoy the nightlife, reggae and a great cocktail at any one of the San Andres island's bars.

By day, you can buy beautiful handicrafts made of coconut and palm leaves, made by islanders, which could become the souvenir you take from your trip. At lunchtime you can enjoy the exquisite local cuisine, indulging your palate with amazing and exotic seafood dishes. You can enjoy our restaurants in Decameron hotels with the best ambience for you and your guests.

Places of interest in Providencia:

Barrier Reef: This is the largest reef complex in Colombia, extending 32 kilometers from Smooth Water Bay in the southeast region, to the island of Santa Catalina.

Lover’s Bridge: This bridge is a must for couples where they can enjoy the crystal clear water and dance of the sting rays as the sun goes down.

Morgan’s Head: Of all the pirates who passed through Providencia, the most memorable is Henry Morgan. This rock formation looks to many like a natural sculpture of the old pirate, about whom there are many legends.

Old Providence McBean Lagoon National Park: This park is located in the northeast region of Providencia, and has an area of 995 hectares, 905 of which correspond to the marine system. Its land portion is comprised of a small isolated hill with steep slopes known as Iron Wood Hill, which rises to a height of 150 meters.

San Felipe Theme Park: One of the newest attractions in Providencia is the San Felipe Theme Park, which comprises various sculptural components, depicting local fauna and the history of piracy.

Have your best vacation experience on the island of Providencia! The 4 best hotels on the island are affiliated with Decameron, preserving the architectural tradition of the Caribbean, with views of the sea or mountains.

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Latitude: 12.57793 Longitude: -81.701294 Elevation: 16 ft
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Specialities and Highlights

The Miss Mary hotel is located on a beachfront property in the South West Bay area with 8 bedrooms equipped with air conditioning, cable television, and a minibar, and 4 with a terrace and hammock. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The bar and game rooms are available at night. Enjoy room massages for an extra charge. Breakfast is included.

The Relax Cabins are located 15 minutes from the airport and only 5 minutes from the beach. There are 8 rooms equipped with air conditioning, cable television, hot water, telephone, minibar, pool, a game room and a restaurant. Breakfast is included.

The Miss Elma hotel has 6 comfortable rooms accommodating 2–5 people, all equipped with air conditioning and cable television, a restaurant seating 80 people that opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner, where you can enjoy the traditional island specialties. A game room and a beachfront snack bar is available to make your nights fun. Breakfast is included.

The Ocean Inn is located on a beachfront property in the area of Agua Dulce. It has 24 rooms with air conditioning, minibar, cable television, telephone and hot water. It has a pool, playground, and a breakfast only restaurant. Breakfast is included.

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