Cayo Bolivar, San Andres, Colombia

The set of islands known as Cayo Bolivar are located approximately 15 miles (28 km) from the island of San Andres and are comprised of two main cays: the first is inhabited by soldiers of the national army of Colombia and the second is famous for its frequent use among fisherman as a shelter when they are fishing. This Cay is not always linked in its entirety and cyclically joins and separates into two keys by a channel wide enough and with strong currents that make it necessary to use a boat to go from one side to another. Upon arriving from San Andres, a third small sand bank with a statue of the Virgin, protector of fishermen and visitors, is the first to be seen.

This set of islands are protected by a barrier reef similar to that which protects the island of San Andres, creating a huge natural swimming pool with calm waters and a large number of internal barrier reef patches.

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Latitude: 12.433373 Longitude: -81.473164 Elevation: -7 ft
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Recreational Opportunities Available

When you think that the colors found in the sea of San Andres could not be more beautiful, Cayo Bolivar raises the threshold. With its white beaches and crystal clear waters, it is the perfect place to spend a relaxing day watching the migratory birds that come to the islands, snorkel in its nearby reefs or if you have the opportunity, visit dive sites outside the barrier reef.

You can also go fishing but this should be done outside the barrier that protects the islands, since this is a Marine Protected Area (MPA) within the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve.

Seasons Accessible

Cayo Bolivar is accessible virtually throughout the year, with the exception of December through February when bad weather makes access difficult. During bad weather authorities restrict access to Cayo Bolivar. Ultimately, the experience getting to Cayo Bolivar depends on the type of boat used for the journey from San Andres. 

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

The Cay inhabited by soldiers is always clean and well kept. However, the fisherman that use the Cay as a shelter have the responsibility to take care of it and the tourists who visit it. It is imperative that visitors maintain its cleanliness, disposing of their garbage properly leaving nothing behind except their footprints in the sand.



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