Casa de la Cultura - Virginia Archbold, Providencia y Santa Catalina, Colombia

The Virginia Archbold Cultural Center was created in 1981 as a leader in the implementation of activities such as, festivals, exhibitions, theater, painting workshops and cultural lectures in association with the Bank of the Republic, the National University, the City Hall, Government, Ministry of Culture and Environment, Coralina, ICBF and others to promote the different forms of art and culture of the islands of Providencia and Santa Catalina.

Similarly, the Association, as managers of the Cultural Center, has been active in recent years in the annual celebration of the Folklore, Culture, and Sport Festival. This is the first festival for the integration of the Colombian Caribbean Coast. It commemorates the accession to the Constitution of Cúcuta (23 June 1822).

It should also be noted that the Association leads different projects such as: the rehabilitation and reorganization of the Cultural Center and projects to strengthen culture through dance courses, music, crafts, fine arts, speaking, storytelling, workshops for traditional music and other Caribbean activities, painting, lectures, food, events and internet chats, library services, etc.

Finally, there is a contract between the Mayor of the Municipality and the Association for the operation of the Cultural Center and the undertaking of these different cultural expressions for the benefit of the population.

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Latitude: 13.381826 Longitude: -81.368088 Elevation: 26 ft
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Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

With support from other institutions and foundations, lectures, workshops, and programs to promote environmental sustainability on the island are undertaken, as well as the promotion of green actions like moderate water use, reuse of resources, energy management, recycling, etc.

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