Bengay Place, San Andrés, Colombia

Bengay Beach is a small, beautiful beach named for an island friend who's committed to caring for the beach. Here you can find some small kiosks where you can enjoy a soda or fresh coconut water. The place is ideal for families, especially those with children because of the shallow water.

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Latitude: 12.496289 Longitude: -81.734962 Elevation: 5 ft

Recreational Opportunities Available

The beach is located away from the urban center. With the care of good island friends, you can enjoy the beach and get to know Caribbean Colombian culture very well. It is very fun to go diving in the clear water and simply relax afterwards. It is a very special beach and everyone who has businesses there are all really nice.

Seasons Accessible

The beach is nice all year long. There are only occasional showers that do not last long.

Fees (if any)

There is no cost to access the beach. The only cost would be if you want to get a drink... we recommend a cold coconut water!

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