Arts & Music

Inspired by the island´s exotic fauna and flora, local artists create beautiful works in ceramic, papier maché, and fretwork. Magnificent land and seascapes are depicted in oils and watercolours. Classes and courses in a wide range of disciplines from video production and photography to painting and theatre are available. Documentaries on the environment, culture and history of the Caribbean people are frequently screened.

All the trends in music that circulate throughout the Caribbean end up in Providence. The popular music of string bands, calypso, mentó, and country of former times have been somewhat outshone by the arrival of reggae, soca and zouk which, in turn have been given a gentle nudge by vallenato, dance-hall, hip-hop, and champeta. Today all of these sounds make up Providence’s music scene. A local music school and a recently-opened studio are beginning to attract local talent, as well as musical artists from outside.      
-Anni Chapman, author
“Providence reveals the artist and the beauty hidden within all who come to the island and, without realizing it, one begins to dance, to paint, or to make music. In Providence the magic, the light, the colours, the people, and the aromas of sea, salt, and of life, vibrate in every part of your body and soul."
-Doris Londoño, artisan and painter
“Electronics have virtually displaced the acoustic music played at parties and events before electricity came to the island in 1975. I'm bringing back the old roots, using no electricity, just traditional instruments, including the tub-bass and the horse-jawbone. It's basically calypso, mentó, and zouk, with more groove and riffs."
-Elkin Robinson, sound engineer, musician, composer, and founder of Old Providence New Roots
“Island music has become so abundant and diverse during the last 5 years that it´s hard to keep up with all the new artists, and to have enough time to listen to them all and appreciate them."
-Ivan Samir Otero, founder of the ADZ Sound record label
“Art also exists through Caribbean architecture, and to portray this legacy is a commitment to the memory of the island."
-Eligio Corpus, native islander painter 



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